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Most companies understand the importance of maintaining regular service on their forklift. Regular wear and tear on a lift is important not to neglect and can be very costly if an experienced forklift mechanic is not maintaining your fleet. Not only can cost build up over time for repairs, parts and labor, but it can also slow down productivity that a company performs on a daily basis.

Call or email our service department for inquiries and quotes: David Cain or Nick Cain, Email: or
  • We offer scheduled maintenance plans. You don’t have to call us, we will call you to schedule your routine maintenance
  • Competitive labor rates. Customer service is our priority.
  • One technician assigned to your forklift so they are familiar with your equipment and can diagnose, service, and repair it efficiently.
  • When our technician arrives at your facility, they are fully equipped to perform services needed, minimizing down time. (TIME=MONEY)
  • All of our techs are OSHA certified.
  • If a repair is unable to be completed on site, we offer our customers the convenience of having our Peterbilt bring the lift back to our shop for repairs, along with providing your company with a rental.
O.S.H.A. Certification

Northside forklift is ready to serve you!
O.S.H.A. passed a rule December 1st, 1998 that the employer must ensure that their operators of industrial trucks be trained. Certification must be renewed every three years.
Training includes, but not limited to, classroom training as well as hands-on training. After completion, each person(s) will be issued a Certificate of Completion along with there Operators Certificate.

To schedule a class, contact David Cain or Nick Cain at 770-962-7242 or email: or
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